3-yr old Emily is so excited with Singapore’s 44th National Day

“We are Singapore, we are Singapore….” Emily kept singing in the house and waving the flag during the week just before th National Day (Sunday 9th August). “Happy Birthday Singapore!” She would just screamed and waved the flag. On the actual day of 9th August, she was arguing with the older sister and brother that it was not National Day. After watching the National Day Parade on TV, she started singing again (see video uploaded).

With the mastery of spoken language and picking up rhythms and songs from watching Disney Playhouse, Little Einstein etc., Emily is always seen enjoying herself dancing away in front of the TV. Apart from borrowing our iPhones in which she said “Daddy, may I borrow your iphone, please?” to play variuos games or just to view photos, she can be seated down on the bed with the Macbook clicking away on the Disney Playhouse site or Little Einstein, Handy Manny etc… It’s really a marvel to try to understand how she learns to navigate to the iPhone Apps she wanted to play or even to handle the Macbook trackpad with such confidence and precision.


~ by paulleong on August 13, 2009.

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