Tioman June 2008 – Unforgettable moments!


Lost at Labas

During the first dive on the final day (11 June 2008) of the trip, I lost the whole group at the 9th minute underwater. It was about 12m and I was busy videoing a huge puffer fish. I continued along the direction of the dive and chanced upon the resident turtle. At the 31st minute I surfaced and found myself at the back of these rocks. I felt terrible because I knew my buddies would be worried sick about me and would wasted their dive time trying to serach for me. I couldn’t see the Dive boat which was anchored on the right hand side of this picture where the white surf is. I finned to my left and was relief to have the boat in sight, approximately 400m away. I was blessed that the surface current was pushing me towards the boat. Nobody really understood how precarious those moments of my life then. If the current direction was otherwise, I would have been drifted southwards away from the Rocks.

Huge Sightings during the Final Night Dive under the Salang Jetty

Giant Moray (Chin to the top of its head is as wide as an adult human head)

Giant Grouper (Approximately a metre long and 150kg)



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