Emily Sarah is 20 months old this November

She is now running about and happily calling us : dar-dee, ma-mee, ma-ma, kor-kor, jie-jie, hap-py. She knows how to say: rice, fish, eyes, nose, no…., see, come, church, goose, kai-kai, woh-tur, chicken rice,kok-croach,train,amen. She knows where is the mouth, face, eyes, nose,ears, leg, hand. Tonight she walkabout with her small towel above her head, looking like little red riding hood. She has a heart to anyone who appears to be crying  or sad in front of her. (That’s how everyone of us trick her to give us any biscuit or snack in her hand.)


~ by paulleong on November 16, 2007.

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