A milestone as an Educator

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I am featured today on Straits Times in the “Careers in Public Sector” section. It is a great honour and privilege to be featured to inform new job-seekers to consider Teaching as a choiced career.



Emily is now 6 years old

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Wow! Time really flown. Emily is now 6 years old this March. She has the ambition to be a doctor just like the older sister. She doesn’t want the brother to go to NS because there are guns in the army and he might get killed there. She just told the mother that she and her playground friends have been trying to erase the F-word on a vandalized wall at the playground because it is a bad word.


3-yr old Emily is so excited with Singapore’s 44th National Day

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“We are Singapore, we are Singapore….” Emily kept singing in the house and waving the flag during the week just before th National Day (Sunday 9th August). “Happy Birthday Singapore!” She would just screamed and waved the flag. On the actual day of 9th August, she was arguing with the older sister and brother that it was not National Day. After watching the National Day Parade on TV, she started singing again (see video uploaded).

With the mastery of spoken language and picking up rhythms and songs from watching Disney Playhouse, Little Einstein etc., Emily is always seen enjoying herself dancing away in front of the TV. Apart from borrowing our iPhones in which she said “Daddy, may I borrow your iphone, please?” to play variuos games or just to view photos, she can be seated down on the bed with the Macbook clicking away on the Disney Playhouse site or Little Einstein, Handy Manny etc… It’s really a marvel to try to understand how she learns to navigate to the iPhone Apps she wanted to play or even to handle the Macbook trackpad with such confidence and precision.

Breakfast Moments At Swiss Garden KL

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On the Singapore Flyer with my friends from Xi An

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On Top of the World Feeling

Capsule on top of World

Haiying and Jinghua
My friends, Wang Jing Hua and Wang Hai Ying, teachers from Xi An Gao Xing No. 1 High School spent three months on a school exchange programme from March to June. They are now back with their family and their school to continue their teaching

Tioman June 2008 – Unforgettable moments!

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Lost at Labas

During the first dive on the final day (11 June 2008) of the trip, I lost the whole group at the 9th minute underwater. It was about 12m and I was busy videoing a huge puffer fish. I continued along the direction of the dive and chanced upon the resident turtle. At the 31st minute I surfaced and found myself at the back of these rocks. I felt terrible because I knew my buddies would be worried sick about me and would wasted their dive time trying to serach for me. I couldn’t see the Dive boat which was anchored on the right hand side of this picture where the white surf is. I finned to my left and was relief to have the boat in sight, approximately 400m away. I was blessed that the surface current was pushing me towards the boat. Nobody really understood how precarious those moments of my life then. If the current direction was otherwise, I would have been drifted southwards away from the Rocks.

Huge Sightings during the Final Night Dive under the Salang Jetty

Giant Moray (Chin to the top of its head is as wide as an adult human head)

Giant Grouper (Approximately a metre long and 150kg)


1st Anniversary of this blog 6 days away

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1 year has gone by : what is so different from then?

Singapore: New ERP gantries nearer to housing neighbourhood started operation on Monday this week. Yesterday MAS maintained S$ at 1.36 against the green back in an attempt to keep off inflationary pressures. Price of rice has went up all time high. Electricity tariffs went up from the start of this month. Two weeks ago it was reported that people are rushing to buy rice of the supermarket shelf because it was rumoured that there would be shortage. When we went to eat the usual Salmon rice at T1 staff canteen last Sunday, its price has gone up by 50 cents to $5.50. The government is releasing the help package to the poor earlier ahead of its schedule. One of the perpetrators of the recent 50K broad daylight robbery three days ago was caught last night. Great Work to our Home Team! Ah Meng has passed away already. The new T3 at Changi started its operation in February. SIA is the first in the world to fly the A380. The huge ferris wheel – The Singapore Flyer – the largest in the world started its operation last month. 

UEFA Champions’ Leagues: Man U is the third EPL club to qualified into the SF. They will next meet Barcelona. Liverpool will meet Chelsea in the other SF. First time there is three EPL clubs in the SF and there is a likelihood that it will an all EPL-affair UCL final in Moscow. Theo Walcott made a magnificent run (Just like Ryan Giggs in 1999 SF FA Cup vs Arsenal) in the QF clash with Liverpool. 

EPL: Man U is leading Chelsea at the top of the table by 3 points (77 and 74). Arsenal is at No. 3 with 71 points. Ronaldo is the leading top scorer with 27 goals. He has achieved 37 goals in total from all competitions and stands a good chance to rewrite Denis Law’s record of 46 goals scored in a single campaign.

Emily - 2yrs and 1mth old

Emily: She is now 2 years and 5 weeks old. Can speak whole sentence of about 5 to 6 words at one go. Her daily diet include Barney and Mother Goose Videos. If she sees me all dressed up and enter her room at 10 plus in the morning, she will think it’s Sunday and it’s time to go to Church. We got a new car seat for her after the tragic accident of the whole Singaporean family at the NS highway near Pagoh about two weeks ago. Only the youngest member of the family survived. The baby was flung about 10m away inside her car seat.